Do you know a girl who...

  • Has thoughts of failure?

  • Doubts herself?

  • Is extremely self-critical?

  • Feels like she's above others?

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Maybe she...

  • Is afraid to try new things?

  • Claims she doesn't like people?

  • Becomes impatience with herself when she makes mistakes?

  • Sets her goals based off of other people?

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Girls Like Me

Increases self-esteem and directly influences the self-efficacy of teen girls ages 11-17 years old through mastery experiences.

Program Benefits

  • Possess the ability to demonstrate effective communication.

  • Understand how to present themselves as a person with high self-efficacy.

  • Identify and execute goals.

  • Possess the ability to combat negative thoughts.

  • Acquire an understanding of the failures, successes, and roadmap of others.

  • Understand and exercise personal health.

  • Accurately interpret their efficacy based upon emotional and psychological states.

  • Possess the ability to analyze the content of their thoughts in an unbiased manner.

Program Features

  • Interactive group mentoring

  • 18 Hands-on workshops

  • Based on data-driven curriculum developed by experts

  • Interactions with 10+ community members and pillars

  • Once in a lifetime experiences such as participating in the Dominion Energy Christmas Parade!

What Our Parents Say

This program was an awesome experience for my daughter. She learned so many wonderful things and made such wonderful connections.


GLM Mom since 2019

What Our Girls Say

This program has given me confidence and helped me with the problems I have going on.


12 years old

Member since 2017

I would recommend this program because it's a good encouragement and confidence builder. I love it!


16 years old

Member since 2019

Our Founder

Déja Coley, Founding Executive Director

Life is continuous cycle of discovery and growth. I found myself stuck in the past believing that I was someone who I was not.

No child experiences limitations of who they should be until the world starts deciding for them. My earliest recollection of developing these mental limitations began during my middle school years. I heard that I was boisterous, bossy, too enthusiastic, and my all-time favorite to-date, self-centered. For a long time, I just went with the flow; I tried to tone it down a bit, stay unnoticeable (as much as I could) and push my needs to the end of everyone else's. I know, it's nuts! But, I truly believed that I was just. too. much. and kept serving this kool-aid with no sugar version of myself on a rusty platter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is self-efficacy?

Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s ability to influence events that effect one’s life and control over the way these events are experienced. (Bandura, 1994)

My daughter is 10, can she still join?

She must at least be enrolled in the sixth grade at the start of the program.

Where do you meet?

In the Museum District of Richmond, Virginia.

When do you meet?

Biweekly on Saturdays, 10AM-3PM.

Is this a free program?


What do enrollment fees cover?

Meals and supplies for each workshop.

How can I enroll my daughter?

Our enrollment period for Session 4 is now closed. Please submit your name on the waitlist here to be notified when applications for Session 5 become available.

How long is a session?

Sessions are September - June each year.


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